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Alexander Rutsch
Alexander RutschAlexander RutschAlexander RutschAlexander RutschAlexander RutschAlexander Rutsch
Child, 1970s, pastel, 19 x 25.5"
Alexander Rutsch was born in Russia in 1916. Like his parents before him, Rutsch was an accomplished opera singer. In the midst of establishing an operatic career, he pursued the visual arts at the Vienna Academy of Arts, studying with Josef Hofmann, Josef Dobrowsky, and Herbert Boecki. In 1952 Rutsch received a scholarship to study in Paris. There he met modern masters Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dali. Their influence is evident in the large body of work he left us. Passionate, prolific and colorful, Rutsch’s paintings, sculpture, pastels and drawings are an ode to creativity.

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