Daphne Anderson Deeds | Anita Janoff-Katjanelson (Art for Sale)
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Anita Janoff Katjanelson

available work

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Art © Anita Janoff-Katjanelson

*Reproduction of these images, including downloading, is prohibited without written authorization from Daphne Anderson Deeds

Anita Janoff Katjanelson (1917-2012) was an intelligent, industrious and inventive artist who entered the New York City art world rather late in life, but her innate curiosity and a measure of audacity thrust her into the center of the most vital issues of her time. Initially a student of film and photography, Katlanelson became an astute printmaker who approached the medium as an evolving set of intellectual challenges. She received her MFA from Hunter College at the age of fifty-two. A student of Vincent Longo, Katjanelson left a large group of prints dealing with the issues of duality and semiology.