Daphne Anderson Deeds | Charles Stratton
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Charles Stratton

available art

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Art © Charles Stratton

*Reproduction of these images, including downloading, is prohibited without written authorization from Daphne Anderson Deeds

“The Lord God has certain ideas he wants expressed in pictures and He uses me to do it. He blesses me and those that see and understand His pictures. I hope that you see and understand and are blessed, too.

I don’t have much to say about my work–the pictures speak for themselves. I try to draw ideas more than images. To me the message is more important than the image. I use words on my pictures.

People are so used to seeing advertising pictures with words splashed over them that it is not surprising to see words and pictures together. I can’t meditate, so I draw my ideas as they come to me from the spirit.

These pictures in pastels are for a book called Art for the Heart. They are given through me by Lord Jesus Christ. The originals are mostly around 18” x 25”. I plan on selling reproductions of them from Art for the Heart in two years.” ~ Charles Stratton