Daphne Anderson Deeds | Claire Seidl
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Claire Seidl

available art

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Art © Claire Seidl

*Reproduction of these images, including downloading, is prohibited without written authorization from Daphne Anderson Deeds

“If I ever had a bag of tricks, I checked it a long time ago. I am not an intellectual. I’m not trying to fit, or to fit in. I respond to the color and movement, scale, forms and lines as well as to the layers and erasures that speak of space and time and memory. There is darkness in my paintings, and light; speed and stillness; strength and softness. There are moods and secrets. Something is being expressed, something uniquely human. 

My painter’s eye directs me in shooting, developing and printing the photographs. I am very interested in how we see (or don’t see) what is right in front of us. The camera gathers more visual information, especially over time or in the dark, than our eyes can. It can hold multiple layers of space and reflections in focus while we can only perceive one at a time.”

– Claire Seidl